Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The life of the Realtor is always busy with client meetings, showings, creating presentations for Buyers and Sellers, to put new Listings on MLS, preparing an offer, managing existing portfolio on Social Media, making important phone calls and reverting client emails and thus have to perform multiple tasks and roles on his own at the same time. Hiring an onsite assistant can be expensive ordeal for many Realtors.

Why don’t you think of hiring virtual assistant that can help you out with various administrative tasks without worrying about his Pay Roll, taxes, insurance, office infrastructure without making compromise on quality aspects of the services.

Here are the top 5 Benefits of hiring Real Estate Virtual Assistant

  1. One of the most important benefits of hiring virtual assistant is reduced cost of operations. Realtor does not need to worry about covering business expenses of virtual assistant. Moreover hiring virtual assistant can help to reduce overall admin cost by almost 50% comparing onsite assistant as one does not need to spend huge amount on salaries.
  2. While hiring an onsite assistant, it supposed to be Realtor’s liability to provide insurance benefits, paid leaves, sick leaves, holidays and other employee benefits as per labour law of United States. However, Virtual assistants are on the payoll of the company you outsource to and hence all these benefits are taken care of by them. 
  3. Hiring an onsite assistant means Realtor has to provide them office space, a computer, air conditioning, required software to do the job and more. Hiring a Virtual assistant reduces these costs by a great margin. Since they work remotely, they have their own office space along with the required technologies to perform their duties, reducing your expenditure and headache. This is a real boon for Realtors.
  4. One of the primary purpose of Virtual assistant is to organise time so that Realtor can focus on the functions that matter to business to increase overall productivity of the business. Virtual assistants introduce you to the newest ideas and innovations that give you a competitive edge, and helps to keep you focused on what’s most important to your business.
  5. Last and probably one of the major reasons for outsourcing services to a real estate virtual assistant, is to open up more time for yourself and your family. By taking some time off to recharge, you will come back better and more productive. Thus, having a real estate virtual assistant on-board is a valuable asset by making you enjoy a luxury many often overlook time.

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